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The Company


Established in 1984, MACROVITA designs, formulates, develops, produces and trades the homonymous natural cosmetics based on sophisticated combinations of vegetable oils or plant extracts, bee origin substances and natural vitamins.

The first cosmetics containing olive oil as a basic active ingredient, presented 13 years ago, were, of course, MACROVITA products. Since then, improved and increased, are sold exclusively through pharmacies and selected organic stores in Greece.

In 2006, in order to satisfy some increasing needs for olive oil products, MACROVITA introduced a new line of natural, olive oil based beauty care products under the trademark OLIVELIA, strictly maintaining the well-known standards of high quality and reliability.


The logo MACROVITA is composed by the classic Greek prefix "macro", wich means long, and the well known latin word "vita" wich means life. The composition of the two also includes the Asiatic symbol of YIN-YANG that expresses physical and mental balance.

MACROVITA is, therefore, the source of longevity. We follow the wise teaches of Greek-Roman and Far-East cultures, combined with modern scientific research and technology, as well as the conteporary ecological regard of natural world.

The logo OLIVELIA is composed by two words: The first is the latin name “olive” and the second the corresponding Greek name “elia”.


  • Their active phytogenic ingredients have specific beneficial results confirmed by “in vitro” or “in vivo” studies. Most of those ingredients originate from organic cultivations.
  • Final products with modern and documented for their effectiveness compositions, are both microbiologically and dermatologically tested. 
  • Do not contain petroleum derivatives (mineral oil, vaseline and propylene glycol) or genetically mutated substances, are environment friendly and are not tested on animals.
  • Are continuously improved in order to pioneer in Cosmeticology. 
  • Are produced in small quantities in order to be delivered fresh at final retail points.
  • Are environmentally friendly and are not tested on animals.

MACROVITA and OLIVELIA products will help you discover the correct path towards health and beauty! Give yourself the opportunity to use them!